What to do in a weekend in Fátima

October 14, 2020 11:01 am

Thinking about going on vacation but not sure where to go due to travel limitations? Why not choose an unpredictable destination in the center of Portugal, where the population is smaller and where there are countless outdoor activities in the middle of nature? It is in order to demystify the idea that Fatima is just religion that we created this itinerary for a fun weekend with a lot to enjoy in this region.



Adventures for children and adults. Photography: DR

9 AM Wake up and have breakfast at your hotel. Then, get in the car and go to the recently opened Parque Aventura dos Pousos, in Leiria, for a morning rest that promises to be fun. It is just 20 km from the hotel (half an hour). Freefall of 12 meters, a flying bicycle or a Tarzan jump are some of the crazy things that the participants are invited to do. With individual ticket or family pack, starting 11€ per person and maximum duration of 1h30. Located next to the Pousos picnic and children’s park, it will be open every day until September.

12:30 PM After a very lively morning (or so we hope) it is time to reinforce your energy with lunch. The Leiria region has a great offer of restaurants. Our suggestion depends a lot on the taste of each one, but the Japanese restaurant Ginkgo, which is on Rua de Ourém, next to the hospital roundabout, right after the Pousos seems a right choice, without deviating way, with the best quality option / sushi price in the city. A little further on, the famous Pizzeria Rossini, is another good option on the way, serving since 2004, at Rua Miguel Torga, next to the Galp roundabout.

 Old Beach São Pedro de Moel. Photography: DR

2 PM After lunch, head towards Praia Velha de São Pedro de Moel. It is about 25 km, half an hour, from Leiria. Take the opportunity to relax during the afternoon, the beach is very extensive and will have space for social distance. Next door is the Old Beach Club bar that invites you to have a snack by the sea.

6:30 PM This is a good time to leave the beach on a Saturday and to arrive at Fátima around 7:30 pm. If you choose to stay in a hotel-apartment, you can cook your favorite dinner at home, if you are only staying, you can go out, wander around the city and choose one of the many recommended restaurants, such as “A Cave”, where chefs from cuisine Ângelo Gil and João Rodrigues manage to provide a complete gastronomic experience.


In the Batalha region there are 4 marked walking routes


9 AM Have a hearty breakfast, this morning is reserved for another adventure. To get to know Serra de Aire better, we recommend that you take the, PR2, pedestrian route of Buraco Roto (if you have a bicycle you have the option of paths for mountain biking also, in this area). The walk begins at Largo Praça da Fonte, in Reguengo do Fetal, 11 km from Fátima. It is estimated that it takes 2h30 to go around rural paths, carters and sidewalks.

1 PM Return by car to the Pia do Urso picnic area and, for an “out of the box” lunch, have a complete picnic with everything you are entitled to after so much physical activity.

Bird watching at Paul do Boquilobo

2:30 PM To end a weekend full of adventure, enjoy the rest of the afternoon at the Biosphere Reserve of Paul do Boquilobo. It has been classified as a Nature Reserve since 1980, it also integrates the Biosphere Reserve Network (UNESCO) and the List of Wetlands of International Importance – it is a wetland, rich in birds, in particular heron and anatid colonies, and in flora, especially the willow massifs, aquatic plants and reeds. It is possible to spend a Sunday afternoon observing the surrounding fauna and flora, an excellent opportunity to disconnect your attention from social networks and dedicate it to observe the behavior of birds in the reserve. You can download the app iNaturalist and learn more about the species around you.

Anabela Oliveira

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