5 favorite beaches in the region of Leiria

October 13, 2020 12:30 pm

The beach is a favorite place to recharge your batteries. Seeing the sea, breathing in, getting your feet wet, diving in the salt water can soothe as much or more than a self-help book. In Portugal, there are fantastic beaches from north to south. The Silver Coast with its extensive and spacious sands is a popular destination for vacationers. The region of Leiria is special because it is in the center, has a mild climate and water temperatue and the medium or small waves usually allows you to dive in. Picturesque villages and untouched corners. Cliffs, gorges and dunes. Here’s what you can discover in these 5 beaches in the Leiria region.


The first beach is one of the most famous and typical in the Centro Region. It is located in the municipality of Nazaré. It is very popular with foreigners and surf lovers due to the worldwide phenomenon of the big waves of Praia do Norte. With many restaurants in the village, located by the sea, where you can still see the typical sardine roasting outside, it is worth visiting Nazaré “walking” through these picturesque narrow streets.

Distance from Fátima: 54 km


2. Vale Furado

Of all the beaches in the Alcobaça region, this is the one that most resembles a small hidden paradise. Located in a valley and surrounded by yellowish clayey gorges, the beach is accessed by a steep staircase. It is a quiet beach, with few waves and has a lifeguard. It is recommended for those who want to relax by the sea and enjoy the surrounding nature.

Distance from Fátima: 50 Km


3. Paredes da Vitória

Located in the parish of Pataias, municipality of Alcobaça, the beach of Paredes da Vitória is located in a valley. It is great for families with children as it has a river along the sand. It is also excellent for hiking, it is 2.5 km long and you can still continue the route to the north, towards Praia da Polvoeira, Pedra do Ouro, Água de Madeiros and add more than twice the kilometers. A good sport!

Distance from Fátima: 51 Km


4. Pedra do Ouro

A beach delight that belongs to the municipality of Alcobaça. It is a place that does not usually have a lot of people and for that reason it is quite quiet. It has an extensive golden sand that contrasts with the black slopes. During low tide, the beach connects with its neighboring Praia da Polvoeira to the south and allows long walks by the sea that help you relax and stay in shape.

Distance from Fátima: 54 Km


5. São Pedro de Moel

São Pedro de Moel is one of the best known beaches in the municipality of Marinha Grande. It is wrapped in a house and together they form a shell. The beach is located in a small picturesque village with the same name; worth visiting while walking through its Portuguese cobbled streets. Usually sports activities (surfing and bodyboard classes) and cultural events are available. On the beach, there are many submerged rocks and when the tide is high you must be careful when entering the water; at low tide you can walk among the rocks, the pools of water that form and observe mollusks.

Distance from Fátima: 57 Km

Anabela Oliveira